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Amie is a team player. She has felt rewarded after 20 years of helping customers through difficult transactions. She is a proud hockey mom with a large collection of her son’s jerseys. Amie loves to cook and entertain. She will eat anything spicy, hold the ketchup please!

Amie Law, CAIB

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Dani has a love for art. Weekends you will find her painting, eating lobster or at the garden center. She loves plants. She got into insurance because of her mom and loves the customer service aspect of it. SoCal is one of her favorite places to visit but will settle for a weekend camping.

Dani Hanney

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Jodi has a passion for friends, family and the good times they have together. Even after 33 yrs her work with commercial fleets keeps her excited about insurance. Her perfect day is her and hubby by the pool drink in hand and at night watching her favourite crime drama.

Jodi Craig
Commercial Fleet Broker

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Nicole has a love for family, golf, wine and coffee. After 18 yrs in insurance, Business Operations is what gets her excited. She welcomes any golf tips and would be an asset if you were stranded on an island with her. Just don’t ask her to draw something for you – she’s really bad at it.

Nicole Bartlett, CAIB
Account Executive, Commercial & Personal Lines

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Scott crashed right into this industry 10+ yrs ago. He loves Mexican food and hiding in his workshop. He is always up for a road trip as long as there is some Joe Jackson on the radio and a cold beer waiting for him at the destination. If you see his glasses anywhere, can you let him know!

Scott McBride
Account Executive, Commercial & Personal Lines

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Carolyn loves to paint. Her favourite artist is Van Gogh. On the weekend she is outdoors either on a hike, swimming or enjoying the sunset with her daughters. She is great at sports and always up for a challenge. But give her nachos and the latest Big Brother episode and she is one happy lady!

Carolyn Clark
Personal Lines Representative

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Danielle loves the simple life. She’d like to find herself in Greece at a little cafe, her sunglasses on, coffee in hand and head in a book. She spends the weekend outdoors with her kids. She loves meeting new people so if you see her in the office be sure to say hello.

Danielle Wassbauer
Personal Lines Representative

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It makes sense that one of Judy’s favourite foods is Mexican, she is one of the best Margarita makers on the west coast! She has been working in insurance for over 40 years. Judy loves hiking, mountain biking and taking dips in the lake. Let’s hope she doesn’t come across any snakes.

Judy Dunphy, CAIB CIP
Personal Lines Representative

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After 30+ yrs, Kim is great at conversation and loves to see a client happy. She adores her grandkids and family dinners, she just prefers someone else to cook and clean up! Kim loves music, especially The Beatles, just don’t ask her to carry a tune. When asked who inspires her, it’s her mother.

Kim Smith
Customer Service Representative

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Krista loves food, drinks and Karaoke. One of her past times is waiting to see what her co-workers order for lunch. She is new to the industry but loves that there’s so much to learn. Her perfect day is being in the sunshine, at the pool with a margarita! The things she is best at, being a mom.

Krista Hildebrandt
Customer Service Representative

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A case of beer with two best friends is all Robyn wants to take to a desert island. Put on some old Bob Ross episodes, followed by some One Tree Hill and it’s been a good day. When asked what’s considered to be your spirit animal Robyn replied with Cheetah – all gas, no brakes.

Robyn Hinksman
Road Service Broker

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Kaitlind loves to cook. She is up for any type of cuisine. Meeting Gandhi is a dream of hers and she loves that she gets to meet new people everyday in her job. Kaitlind loves to spend the day at the beach, reminiscing of family road trips, with a drink in hand and good food!

Kaitlind Waters
Road Service Broker

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Jordyn loves everything family, all the way down to matching PJ’s at Christmas. You will find her at the beach most weekends trying to improve her speciality skills when wake surfing! What would she take to a deserted island? Pina coladas, tanning lotion and travel insurance of course.

Jordyn Van Beek
Road Service Broker

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Dayna loves to travel and meet new people. That’s why being a road agent is a perfect fit. She loves a good suspense or thriller like Dexter. Sunset on Sprout Lake is the perfect day for Dayna. She takes things to heart, is a great listener and loves making memories with her kids.

Dayna Meredith
Road Service Broker

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Kassandra is the life of the party. She loves spending the day soaking up the sun with friends and family sharing a few drinks and a bunch of laughs.  Going to a Karaoke bar?  You better bring Kassandra, she loves it! Looking for a good story? Ask her about her fake Malaysian wedding.

Kassandra Kirkham
Road Service Broker

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Chocolate and pizza are a few of Janine’s favourites, along with relaxing with her boyfriend and playing softball. Janine loves to meet new clients and excels at starting conversations. Her idea of a perfect day would be either at the ocean or out on a hike. Her father is what inspires Janine.

Janine Michieli
Road Service Broker

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To say Kalleena is a fan of the water is an understatement. She loves the beach, swimming and even has a collection of sand. She enjoys her work life, including lunches and Saturday morning trivia. Not a great singer but a good friend. She spends weekends with one of her favourite people, her mom.

Kalleena Lambersek
Road Service Broker

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